Mid lengths. What is all the fuss about?

Middling- "moderate or average in size, amount, or rank."

DESCRIPTION- Surfing is all about having fun and catching waves. The middling was designed with this brief in mind. It is a cross between a Malibu and a short board. If you need length, volume and stability then this is the board for you. It can turn, speed through sections and get you into more waves earlier than you are used to. This board can be your go to all-rounder because it loves to ride any waves from ankle high to head high. 

Summary- Don't want a Malibu? Get in early, trim and turn with confidence

Best in Waves 1 to 6 foot plus.

Tail Options: Rounded square or round tail.

Fins: FCS 2 Thruster. 

Size: usually around 7 foot to 7"6 in length

Fin Set Up: Comes standard with Thruster FCS 2 3 fin set up. 

This board is only available as a custom order. Use the options above to give you an indication of cost based on your requirements, then Contact us for further dscussion and a quote.

Category: shortboards

Type: Shortboards

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