Easy paddling, High volume Fish for beach break fun!

The RFX is a great step down from a Longboard or for a bigger/less fit person needing more volume. Fun in small surf it can turn, trim and make you smile. Designed for all round enjoyment for beginners to advanced surfers.

Size: From about 6’0” up to 8’0”. Depends on how big a boy you are.

Fin Set Up: Comes standard with thruster 3 fin boxes.

Recommended Fins: Thruster set up – grab a standard thruster set. As a Quad grab a medium Quad Set for up to 6’10” and a large Quad set for over 6’10”.

This board is only available as a custom order. Use the options above to give you an indication of cost based on your requirements, then Contact us for further dscussion and a quote.

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