MOD LOG - Since 1957

The MOD LOG is a traditional Single fin Log style Malibu with several new shaping adjustments to make it more fun to ride and turn. With a softer more forgiving rail line and adjustments to the bottom concave our Modern Log makes for a better surfing experience when compared to Traditional Logs. Slow cruisey turns and plenty of speed are Mod Log characteristics. Drop into the face, bottom turn, fade off the top and run to the nose to set up a classic speed run down the line. Now you are smiling and the surf is only 2 foot!! A beautiful looking surf craft that will double up as a piece of wall art in your beach house. You do need some skill to ride this board so best for Intermediate to advanced surfers.
Summary- Traditional Style Malibu for Classic style surfers!

Size: generally 9 foot and up.

Fin Set Up: Standard single fin box supplied as this board is generally ridden only as a single fin.

Recommended Fins: 9 inch plus

This board is only available as a custom order. Use the options above to give you an indication of cost based on your requirements, then Contact us for further dscussion and a quote.

Category: longboards

Type: Longboards

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