Venom 2

Fun & Performance in a well-packaged all-rounder!

The Venom spends it’s time flying down the line and arcing into big turns when required. It’s a cross between a mini mal and a performance shortboard. Great for those fat, slow beach breaks but also loves a bowl and some speed. Great all-rounder. If you need some extra foam under you to help you pick up your wave count and enjoyment levels then grab a Venom. Great for all levels of ability -beginners to advanced.

Size: Generally from around 5’6” up to 8’0”.

Fin Set Up: Comes standard as a quad. Add the optional Standard Single Fin box to add the option of a more long board style.

Recommended Fins: Medium Quad set for lengths up to about 6’10”. For larger boards we’d run with the Large Quad set. If adding the optional Single Fin Box then grab our standard Centre Fin for a more longboard set up.

This board is only available as a custom order. Use the options above to give you an indication of cost based on your requirements, then Contact us for further dscussion and a quote.

Collections: Fun & Retro, Surfboards

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